– Bringing out the Best in Ourselves and Others -

Jill has 30 years experience in education in the government and independent sector. She is a Master Facilitator for The Virtues Project, honoured by the United Nations as “an exemplary Project for people of all cultures”. Her success in using the 5 strategies of The Virtues Project to develop the highest qualities of character in individuals, families, schools, the workplace and community organisations has taken her to state, national and international conferences, where she has conducted workshops for thousands of participants from all walks of life.
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Virtues Project

As a Master Facilitator, Jill conducts excellent workshops which enable participants to become confident Virtues Project facilitators. She works with school communities showing how the development of the 5 strategies of The Virtues Project support the State and National Values for Australian Schooling, with parent groups to develop parenting skills and workplaces to enhance workplace spirit, unity and productivity. She organises Pace of Grace Retreats to nourish participants in mind, body and spirit. This allows them to reclaim their natural joy and vitality and plan a sustainable lifestyle.
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Civil Celebrant

Jill is passionate about creating sacred, meaningful ceremonies for significant transitions and achievements in our lives. As a civil marriage celebrant she has a gift of listening carefully to the unique requirements of couples to create ceremonies that provide a solid basis from which to build a strong marriage.

Funeral and recommitment ceremonies organised by Jill, reflect similar sincerity as they honour individual qualities of character and support those left behind.

Jill’s love of children is reflected in her Baby Welcoming Ceremonies, carefully designed to allow guests to express their commitment to guiding and supporting a child through the joys and challenges of life to become the best person they can be.
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