Jill Kennedy is a registered Civil Marriage Celebrant who values the importance of ceremony in significant times of change and achievement. It is an opportunity to connect us to the sacred in our lives and to honour the highest qualities of character in each other. Such a ceremony can anchor a commitment to future personal growth in all participants.


With a strong background as a Master Facilitator for The Virtues Project, Jill uses the language of the virtues, the gifts of human character, sincere listening skills and creativity to easily discern the requirements for ceremonies. She helps participants to express their needs and is willing to write unique introductions, blessings and poetry where necessary.

Jill has conducted weddings, funerals, baby welcoming ceremonies, house blessings and is keen to create any ceremonies to mark sacred transitions or recommitments. Meaning is made through these specialised events.

Civil Marriage Celebrant

Jill enjoys meeting with couples to discuss their hopes and dreams for a joyful marriage, beginning with their own special wedding ceremony. She recognizes that each step of the planning process is part of the transition towards married life. One of her strengths is in discerning what couples can integrate into their unique ceremony to remind them of the joy of this occasion throughout their lives together.

Couples are helped to understand the necessary legal requirements for a marriage ceremony whilst allowing them freedom to create a ceremony that is uniquely theirs and meaningful to them. Guidance is given to types of ceremonies, readings, music and choreography. Jill is happy to write unique ceremonies, vows, poetry and blessings. She uses her yoga background to help partners develop calm when pre-wedding nerves surface. Breathing and voice techniques are recommended where necessary prior to publicly expressing the marriage vows.

It is important to conduct a rehearsal to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the venue and procedures and to check that amplification is appropriate so that all guests clearly hear the ceremony and feel that they are part of it.

Jill arrives early on the day of the ceremony, checks all requirements and ensures participants are in the correct places. All documentation is handled with care.

Baby Welcoming Ceremonies

In a world where people have turned away from organized religious practices which held ceremonies to gather family and friends to mark the birth of a child, Jill believes that there is a need to create ceremony which can provide strong support for a child throughout his or her life.

A Baby Welcoming Ceremony can be held anywhere in the first 2 years of the child’s life. Jill meets with parents to plan how they will welcome their child into the world in a public manner and who they would like to take part in the ceremony. They may choose guardians or god parents. Symbols are discussed such as candles to light the way or acknowledge the unique spirit of the child, seeds to represent potential.

Readings are carefully chosen. Hopes and dreams are expressed and a commitment is made acknowledge the gifts of character in the child and guide him or her through those times of challenge. Blessings can be written especially for the child. Naming ceremonies can be incorporated into the event.

A written certificate signed by all present is an invaluable commitment of support throughout a life. It may be read and cherished in many years to come.