These are a collection of Testimonials that Jill has received for her work with the Virtues Project and as a Civil Celebrant:

“Thank you so much for providing us with the most wonderful wedding ceremony! We absolutely loved it and will remember it with such happiness. Your lovely kind soul added something special to our day.”
- Pia and Dave

“You were such a wonderful support in the lead up to our big day and we are so happy that you were able to play such an integral and special role in our marriage. You helped to make it a day in which all our dreams came true… Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”
- Bec and Paul

“It is not the language of business that is remembered post a business meeting; it is the language and impact of the virtues. I was once at a strategic business meeting of a large Australian company involved with high level talks about the direction of the business. We discussed all things business including client relationships, corporate image, future markets and current issues. Whilst returning to the office with a Senior Executive and colleague, my colleague said, ‘I am so impressed with Fraser, he uses such big words’. I sat thinking about the words that I used and ruled out all of the business words as everybody else was using the same language – but I was the only one using the language of the Virtues’. The virtues are powerful – words such as determination, perseverance, resilience, trust, faithfulness and honour are not bigger words than budget, strategic direction, programming and economies of scale but they resonate with us long after they are spoken, these words have deep meaning and are remembered as they penetrate our very soul. I for one use these words in business daily as people remember me by my spoken virtues – my ‘big words’”
- Fraser Williams

“I have been known about the Virtues Project for several years and always felt very drawn to it because of its beauty and universality. Doing the parents workshop with Jill and Nigel was a wonderful and inspiring experience and gave me a better understanding of how I could use the five strategies with both children and adults alike. As a parent and an Early Childhood Teacher I highly recommend the various workshops to all parents and educators as well as anyone else who is interested in bringing out the best in themselves and all the people around them. Personally I see the Virtues workshops as a must for all parents! What a difference it would make!”
Katja Bertazzo

“Thankyou for your generosity, effort and enthusiasm on Friday. The feedback from the staff has been very positive. There were a lot of people who gleaned lots of personal benefit from the session in addition to some great ideas for school. It was a great way to begin the new year….with lots of fantastic things happening already.”
- Amaroo Primary School, Collie