The Family Virtues Guide: Simple Ways to Bring out the Best in Our Children and Ourselves – $30.00
by Linda Kavelin-Popov with Dan Popov, Ph. D. and John Kavelin

This book is intended for parents and children to use together to nurture togetherness. The first section includes five simple strategies for raising children to live meaningful lives and to develop the virtues of their character. The second section contains 52 virtues. Each is described in simple terms, giving role play situations, how to practice it and signs of success. It will engage family members of all ages in an exciting process of growth and discovery. This book shows how to :

  • Learn the language of integrity and authentic self-esteem
  • Understand the five roles that parents play
  • Discover ways to introduce sacred time into family life
  • Help children to make wise moral choices

“The Family Virtues Guide is no sanctimonious tome. Its aim is to help pass on some basic values for living together, shared by cultures and faiths around the globe.” Seattle Times

Paperback – ISBN 0452278104 319 pages Published by Penguin Books

The Virtues Project Educator’s Guide: Simple Ways to Create a Culture of Character – $65.00
by Linda Kavelin-Popov

Designed primarily for counselors, teachers, caregivers and youth leaders, this is a guide to creating cultures of caring and integrity in our schools, day care centres and youth programmes. It contains a chapter on each of the five strategies of The Virtues Project with methods, examples and character awakening activities and practices for Grades K-12. It includes:

  • 52 virtues honoured by all cultures and traditions as “the best within us.”
  • Success stories and sample activities from around the world.
  • The “Virtue of the Week” programme.
  • 10 Guidelines for Whole School Discipline based on restorative justice.
  • Tips for the Transformation and Prevention of Bullying Behaviour
  • Innovative Methods for Peer Mentoring

“The Virtues Project Educator’s guide offers a powerfully useful approach to Character Education that naturally permeates the whole school culture. It energises teachers, empowers students and restores idealism and hope in our communities!” Naomi Robinson, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Lebanon Community School District 9 Lebanon, Oregon, USA.

Paperback – ISBN 188039684X 246 pages Published by Jalmar Press, CA, USA.

Virtues Cards (“Gifts of Character”) – $37.00

This new set describes 52 virtues that are valued by all cultures as the content of our character. With colourful photos and revised descriptions, these cards reflect The Virtues Project Educator’s Guide. As inspirational reminders and affirmations, they are a simple, yet powerful tool to use in your family, classroom, counseling session, sharing circle, corporate team, in your own reflection corner.

  • Note card size 4” x 5”
  • One of each of the 52 virtues plus cover sheet listing the 52 virtues
  • Instructions on how to do a Virtues Pick and suggestions for a variety of activities

The Virtues Poster (“Gifts of Character”) – $25.00

This colourful poster lists the 52 virtues from The Virtues Project Educator’s Guide. Broadly used in homes and classrooms.

Large 24 by 36 inch format

Virtues Project Classroom Cards CD – $35.00

Print out any or all 52 double sided flash cards for your classroom use. Colourful A4 PDF files may alternatively be printed in a smaller A5 or A6 format according to your printer software. Use for Virtues Pick games, as posters, flash cards etc. These secular cards are a companion resource to The Virtues Project Educator’s Guide. Free music – audio & MP3 This data CD is enhanced with music tracks. Sing along with the Virtues Rap. Karaoke version included. 52 cards.

“The Virtues Songs” – 3 CD Set: $60.00 Book: $50.00
by Jennifer Russell (Sugarbone Records IC844044)

A 3 CD set musical companion to The Family Virtues Guide. This album received the National Parenting Centre of Approval Parents’ Choice Award in North America. The Virtues Songbook contains all the notes and lyrics (IC844044sb)

“Virtues In Me”(Ages 0-9) – CD: $25.00 Book: $25.00
by Radha and the Kiwi Kids (Universal Childrens Audio, NZ)

Have fun bringing out the best in your children through songs and musical games. Get the full value with The Virtues In Me Songbook. Both the CD and the book are official companions to The Virtues Project Educator’s Guide.


“Teaching Peace” CD by Red Grammar – $25.00

“One of the five best children’s recordings of all time” -All Music Guide.

A collection of musically diverse songs which help children and parents visualize world peace and break it down into daily actions that make peace a reality. Receiving an A in Entertainment Weekly Magazine in 1990, the reviewer cautions parents not to miss this recording because “this is not a dreary save-the-world album; Red knows how to have fun!” Teaching Peace has attained an unshakable position as a “classic among classics”. Featuring; teaching peace, Places in the World, Say Hi!, I’ Think You’re Wonderful, Rapp Song, Barnyard Boogie, Hooray for the World, With Two Wings, Use a Word, See Me Beautiful, Shake Your Brain and Listen.


“Sacred Moments: Daily Meditations on the Virtues” – $25.00
by Linda Kavelin-Popov

Book of daily meditations.

Contemplate the nature of the virtues with the use of quotations, affirmations and reflection questions for each day of the year. Virtues are the essence of our soulfulness. They are a great mystery because they are both within us and beyond us. An act of love, or justice, or creativity, or any of our other virtue is essentially an expression of our spirituality. Pulled from the world’s sacred texts and from the storehouse of wisdom of intellectuals, artists, writers and philosophers, these meditations on the gifts within are sure to inspire us.

ISBN 0-9747802-0-0

A Pace of Grace: The Virtues of a Sustainable Life – $25.00
by Linda Kavelin-Popov

Through a four part programme, A Pace of Grace offers lessons to rediscover the elements of a life well lived. Complete with Linda’s ten rules for health, this comprehensive guide is the first step to rediscovering the joy and vibrancy inherent within each of us. “Contains vivid examples of how to make our daily lives meaningful. I offer my prayers that those readers who sincerely put them into practice will achieve that inner peace that is the key to lasting happiness” The Dalai Lama

ISBN 0-452-28543-7 Published by Penguin 330 pages

A Pace of Grace CD – $30.00

This fantastic CD has been launched as an official companion to Linda Kavelin-Popov’s new book ‘A Pace of Grace”; pub. Penguin, and endorsed by the Dalai Lama. These songs touch the soul in a way that only music can. Ranging in style from Latin to rock, each track is superbly played by top musicians and singers gathering as Circle of Friends.

The CD is an excellent resource to add to your Virtues collection or as a gift to introduce friends and family to the Virtues Project.

Virtues Reflection Cards – $50.00
by Linda Kavelin-Popov

A set of 100 virtues cards to accompany A Pace of Grace. Illustrated with photos from the natural world. Suitable for adult spiritual development.