The Virtues Project is being used extensively throughout Australian schools to bring out the best qualities in students, parents, and staff. It involves a commitment to the mastery of five simple strategies which are effective tools used to develop State and National Values Outcomes. With assistance from a trained Virtues Project facilitator, staff learn how to easily integrate these simple strategies across the curriculum to enhance programmes and activities that are already in place. They also learn how to undertake a whole school approach to implementing these simple strategies in pastoral care and behaviour management initiatives. This is particularly effective when student leadership teams are also coached in the use of the strategies of The Virtues Project.


For best results, school communities use a Virtues Project facilitator to develop parental understanding of the use of these strategies in school and home life. School communities then review and refine current documents and practices that constitute the ethos of the school community with the view to using the strategies of The Virtues Project to enhance the nature of the community. This may be done with the specific purpose of demonstrating how the school community reflects the National and State Values Outcomes.


In Independent Schools this can be achieved in conjunction with Religious Education Programmes offered throughout the school.  Christian, Jewish and Islamic schools find the virtues in sacred texts and use the explicit notes in The Virtues Project materials describing each virtue, telling how we practice it, why we practice it and signs of success, to bring the quality of character in the sacred story to life in the present. Montessori Schools use the Five Strategies of The Virtues Project to develop their philosophy of peace and harmony.

The Virtues Project improves relationships, develops authentic self esteem, prevents bullying, promotes peaceful communities, gives meaning and purpose to life and encourages wise moral choices.

Character is Destiny
- George Eliot